Shodor Scholars Program 2009
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During the morning, the workshop centered primarily on the perusal of Inkscape and GIMPshop. The emphasis was placed on Inkscape, and GIMP was briefly explored. Students were given a general survey of Inkscape's functions and tools. After being briefly shown how to operate the program, they were given several example projects so that they could practice the skills they had been shown. These skills included: creating solid shapes, creating text, drawing shapes with the path tool, drawing shapes with the freehand tool, changing the fill and/or outline of shapes, and general manipulation of existing shapes. These skills were specifically demonstrated in the context of converting bitmap images to vectors.

After having learned these skills, students were shown other interesting and useful functions. Among other things, they were shown how to manipulate text in order to create logos. After mimicking an existing logo, they were given the freedom to create their own banners in Inkscape. Students applied the skills they learned in order to create unique banners. After creating these banners, they were briefly shown the tools and functions of GIMP. The difference in purpose between Inkscape and GIMP was explained to them. Inkscape is used to create and edit vector images, whereas GIMP is used to create and edit bitmap images.

Those banners were later incorporated in the topic for the afternoon. This topic was web design; specifically, HTML and CSS. Students learned to create simple websites, using both HTML and CSS. Simple HTML tags were used to structure content, and then CSS was used to style the content. Students learned the distinction between HTML and CSS, and the proper usage of both. They also learned the syntax for both HTML and CSS.

Students were shown how to create solid backgrounds, image backgrounds, headers, multi-column websites, and many other things. After completing a tutorial website, which was thoroughly explained, students created their own websites. These websites utilized the banners they had earlier created, and were personalized by the students. They included a brief description of themselves, a picture of a celebrity they admired, and a sidebar of links. These websites utilized the skills they had earlier been taught.