Forensic Science 2009
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To begin, the students used a symbol key to decode several paragraphs of secret code. After the students were given about twenty minutes to try to decode the paragraphs, Hanley went over the answer of what the message was. After break time, the class started to work with Gimp Shop. They had to upload a picture of beakers. They had to do this to observe the changes in the beakers, so they could put together clues to solve the case that they were working on. In this case, the beakers contained the different liquids that were used to poison the person who drank it. To make this easier, the students got to watch a video of a crime scene. At the end of the class the students were given thirty minutes to get all of their materials that they gathered all throughout the week. Then they had to present their individual conclusions of the case in front of the class and all of the teachers.