Engineers in Training 2009
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On the first day of Engineers in Training, the basics and introductions were covered during the first half. The day started with an icebreaker type activity. Next, the teachers introduced themselves and explained the importance of engineering. Jeff, one of the speakers, explained that humans amazing ability to store and analyze information has allowed us to further advanced. He also explained that due to this ability, humans can engineer and problem solve, thus making our lives easier.

After this talk we did an activity called "How do you know". Here the purpose of the activity was to be able to recognize valid resources, whether the resources had necessary or sufficient information. For example, one of the activities we did was to look up in google, "(mass of earth) / (mass of pluto)". When the answer came up, we examined how they found it, and if it really was a reliable source.

During the second part of the day we looked at computational chemistry. We used the chemicals in transition lenses to demonstrate the power and usefulness of computational chemistry tools. We used WebMO, a web based modeling tool, to model and create a molecule.