ssp 2006
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Today the students learned about Agent Modeling. Jenna taught the students how to use a program called Agent Sheets to create a model of the population of rabbits, wolves, and grass using the predator prey relationship. Gradually, the students made the rabbits eat the grass and reproduce while setting the growth of the grass. They were left with the task of editing the behavior of the wolf to eat the rabbits.

After the snack break Bob2 introduced the students to NetLogo, another agent modeling program. The students were given 30 minutes to experiment with a pre-made NetLogo model of their choice that they would then use to practice presentation do's and don'ts to prepare for their presentation days.

Doing presentations, the students were given critiques and helpful input during their presentations. For example:

Speak louder

Speak slower

Connect with the audience of all sides of the room

Use less fillers (i.e., Um, like, yeah)

Make sure to give a brief introduction about your topic

The students enjoyed the feedback that was given to them and are ready for next week's presentations.

After presentations were done, Bob 2 taught the students some basic codes in NetLogo to create turtles that move randomly on the screen.