Environmental Science 2003
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Water is essential for life on earth. Through our daily activities we affect both the quality and availability of the fresh water in our communities.

This 15-hour intensive session will introduce rising 8th- through 9th-graders to the science of fresh water and the issues of water use in our communities. They will explore the effect of city growth on rainfall runoff and plan community projects to reduce the threat of flooding caused by land development. They will explore the role and function of ground water and examine some of the impacts on the environment caused by the quality of the water we return to rivers and lakes.

Educational Objectives:

Environmental scientists use computer models to explore the complex interactions of physical and biological systems. Community leaders and developers look to these same models to plan and protect their cities. Through a variety of discussions, hands-on activities, and the use of computer models students will gain an appreciation of their impact on the area fresh water supplies. They will discover the value of computer modeling in the resolution of the issues communities struggle with when they try to balance development and environmental protection.