isea2002 2002
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The students started the morning by learning a little about the Shodor SUCCEED program and the meaning of the acronym of SUCCEED. After the students' introductions, Garrett had them explain what the Internet meant to them. The students then played a birthday game to help get further acquainted. Next Monte gave the class an intro into how the Internet works and compared it to everyday life.

After break, Garrett had the students take a look at an ASCII (American Standard Code for Information Interchange) chart. The students grew excited when Monte said that they were going to play a wave game. People had to hold the person's hand next to them. The first person would wave their hand and when the next person received it they had to wave their hand. This process went on until the last person received the 'message' wave.

Monte then explained that every computer has a number. This number is called the IP address. Garrett then went over the binary system and explained the decimal binary system. He had them separate into groups and talked to them about ASCII codes. After they finished the game, they went ended the day by writing their reports.