Engineers in Training 2002
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Today, Garrett started the class off by letting the students know what Project SUCCEED is all about. Garrett introduced a series of words to the students for them to define. These words ranged from discovery to collaboration to omniscient. He then asked what the students thought engineers do. This included talking about the different types of engineers. The class pointed out Civil, Chemical, Electrical, and Aeronautical engineers. For their first activity, the students focused on trial and error.

The students split into their groups of two by their birthday and all were given lego blocks of various sizes and a chart. The directions were to build the structures on the chart with the legos and observe whether the structures stood or toppled. Some of the students were surprised at the outcome of some of the shapes. After snack they experimentd with shapes of their own, with the only catch being that that the foundation of their structure had to be one block of any size.