Math Explorations C 2001
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To start the class off the students went to the Mastermind Activity on the interactivate site. This is a site where you have to solve different mathematical puzzles that involve creating your own algorithm to solve it. Jon asked the students to explain their different algorithms, so he could give suggestions to help come up with more accurate algorithms. To help with the students, Jon told them that a good algorithm is good when you are able to get the answer the quickest with the least amount of steps. Second on the agenda was pre-algebra concepts. The students went to the Plop It site, where they were able to experiment with the mean, median, and mode.

After the break, the students played a game called "Celluar Automata," which is similar to the game Life on the interactivate site. This game is played with a square made which consist of nine blocks; each block has the name of a person in it, and if you have a certain amount of blocks around you, you can live, or if you don't you will die.

Next, they went to the Rabbit-Wolf predator/prey site on the interactivate site. This week was very fun and interesting for the students as well as for the teachers.