Math Explorations C 2001
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The class began with Jon teaching about the alphabet. He had each of the students write out the letters of the alphabet and count which letters they had to pick up their pencils to write and which ones they didn't. For the ones they did have to pick up their pencils for they counted how many times they had to do this.

The students started learning about probability after their break. They were seeing how many times things happened. They used a program that showed them the probability, if they rolled a die, of a certain race car winning the race. Garrett challenged them with the question that if the blue car had twice as many chances to win as the red car which race car would win. He then asked them, if the red car gets ten points for winning and the blue car gets one point every time it wins, who will have the most points. The students were ready to accept Garrett's challenge but every time the race would end Garrett would win by more than half of what the students thought.