Math Explorations C 2001
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The beginning of the workshop was spent with everyone trying to get to know each other in a game called "Name, name, number." After that the kids spent time using one of the tools on Project Interactivate, Simple Plot. That tool demonstrated the x,y coordinate system. Using data collected during an earlier game of tag, points were plotted in the graph system and they also learned how to read the graph for data.

The students were asked to answer these questions as well: What is math, What are numbers, and why should we use computers to do math? Some of the answers given were math is numbers, math is equations used to figure out problems. Numbers were described as figures that represent how many of something. It was agreed that computers should be used for processing a program, and because they're generally quicker, easy to use, and more reliable. They did learn that computers are not always quicker, but they are better at more complicated problems.

The students then did activites on patterns and sequences. Seven problems were given, some of which were quite difficult to solve. The students were told the answers to most of the problems.

Following that, the students went over graph theory problems (such as trying to provide power, gas, and food to 3 houses without overlapping the lines and navigating through Euler's home town). Finally, the students paired up into groups to try and find a project on Project Interactivate for presentation to the rest of the class on Friday.