Forensic Science 2001
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The class started out with an introduction from Cornelia, who told the students that today would be the day they would have solve the mystery of who stole Hugh's computer. The students began their last day of investigation with an interrogation of Millicent and Garrett because they were identified as the two supects in the case. To further their investigation, they took fingerprint samples to try to find a match to the finger print that was left on the crime scene. The students seemed really enthusiastic to work on the investigation.

After the students were done with the investigation, it was time for them to start the trial. Because of their lacking in-depth knowledge of the judicial system, Cornelia asked the students to find key terms dealing with the Justice System on the internet. This would help them better prepare for the trial so they would be able to do a good job as lawyers. The students said that looking for the key terms really helped them out.

Ebonee, the appointed Judge of the Shodor District Court, was called upon by Cornelia, to receive questions from the students that could help them with their trial. The class didn't seem to have many questions because "Judge Ebonee" as the students called her, only recieved three questions that the class needed help understanding. This showed the staff here at Shodor that the students are really confident with what they're doing; confidence is a good quality for students interested in being lawyers and judges to have.

Overall, today's class was really exciting and interesting, and I think that the class really enjoyed themselves while participating in this forensics workshop. To tell the truth, we the Shodor staff, enjoyed working with these students too. Hopefully, we will be able to share the same experience next year.