Forensic Science 2001
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Today's class began by Cornelia giving the class a brief review of yesterday's class and what they learned. The students didn't realize it at the time, but they were going to put their knowledge to use. Hugh's computer had been stolen last night! What was Hugh to do? He did the only thing he knew to do, call the Shodor Police Dept., knowing they would put the Shodor Forensic Team on the case right away.

First the investigators searched for the computer and interrogated all of the employees and interns. After looking through the offices they found the laptop in the Annex. Now the investigators have to find out the reason for the computer being stolen, who did it, and why.

Before the end of class the investigators found a code in the annex trash can and decoded it, found a shoe print outside of the annex door, and found a shoe but can't use it as evidence because they picked it up without a search warrant. The students also found out that the theif had poisoned someone that day also and that there were fingerprints on the cup that the "poison" was in.

The case isn't over yet, and will continue through tomorrow.