Forensic Science 2001
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Cornelia started class by talking about the jobs of computational science, Cornelia also talked about her profession as a biological anthropologist. All the interns then introduced themselves and talked about how they got here and what they do here. Cornelia then talked with the students about the different sciences that are useful for forensics. One of the students also brought up the fact that many forensic scientist use chromatography. After Cornelia introduced Emily Will, a Questioned Document Examiner.

Emily started by talking about her job, and exactly what it was about. She then asked the students why they signed up for the workshop that they were taking. Once Emily began to teach the students began to be really excited and caught on very quickly. Emily explained to the students that every time a person writes they don't write the exact same way. The students then signed their name on a sheet of paper and and gave it to their partner to try to forge. The students seemed to enjoy this too, but they were not that successful.

The students all studied each others attempts at forging someone's signature and made their observations. Emily then talked about how a person stores a picture of their signature in their mind. As the students analyzed their writing they noticed many differences in the lettering. One student wrote in Chinese and this showed the difference between the directions that people write in because the Chinese write from top to bottom and American English is written from left to right.