Environmental Science 2001
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Bob2 started class by having the students introduce themselves. Then, Bob2 talked about how different parts of science are related. Then he and the students talked acbout the many layers of the atmosphere exist. Bob2 then showed the students a slide that showed the seperate layers. Next, the students learned the definition of ozone, how it is made, and when it is useful and when it is harmful. The students then used a simulation to model a city and see the effect of various factors on the ozone level (

The students then learned what an inversion was and how it is measured using a ballon with a mini-weather station. Inversions were found in different cities across the nation using an on-line weather data center.

After lunch, the students worked with STELLA to learn how to build models of different aspects of the world, particularly population models. They also learned how to convert STELLA models into Java, and looked at some other Java applets on the Shodor Interactivate site. The students are preparing to work on their projets that may include STELLA models.