Engineers in Training 2001
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Class started off with the students being randomly paired by Garrett. Then they were passed out Lego blocks so that they could sort them out by shape and match it onto a graph. They then had to put a small block on the bottem of a big block in a way that they will stand up. Then they had to stack all the blocks up but the catch was thet they had to all balance on one block. Now instead of using the blocks, they with model their finds on the computer. Then the students built structures from straws that could support a cup with marbels in them.Some of the students got creative and built towers from their straws. Now it's time to see if these biulding structures will hold when it time to put the marbles. The first structure at 28 centimeters held 31 marbles, the was also the tallest. One collapsed at 18, another at 22, the next one went down on 59. then last two structures stopped at 80, but they did not topple, the class just ran out of time.