Modeling Your World B 2000
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Class started with Christina going over the Shodor rules and regulations with the students. Christina and Cornelia then went over the different types of sciences as well as the different types of scientists. Once the students understood that they went on to a fun activity. The students all received tags that were put on their backs. The students did not know what was on their own back but they did know what was on other people's backs. Students were allowed to ask yes or no questions to the people around them to figure out what phrase or word was on their back. After everyone figured out what was on their back then they each had to find their partner. Their partner had a tag on their back that went along with their own tag. (Like 'salt' and 'pepper'.) This person was to be their partner for the computer activities.

After break Christina gave the students an introduction to GalaxSee by talking with them about gravity. She also explained to them the use of models and how they would be using them today and during the week. Dr. Joiner then came in and taught about gravity. He and the students used GlaxSee to model galaxies. Dr. Joiner then challenged the students to create a model that would effectively model the earth's orbit around the sun.