Math Explorations C 2000
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July 31, 2000

Class started with Jon introducing himself and Kirstin. He then gave a brief description of what was going to happen in the class. Immediatley folllowing he allowed the students to introduce themselves to each other. He then began some pattern questions. Amongst the questions was a name game in which a name becomes a number and then the number can change from number to number. The students were to figure out the pattern of the game. When that was complete, Jon began to talk about Euler paths and Euler circuits. The students went to a website that Jon gave them, that allowed them to determine if a figure was a Euler path or circuit.

After break the students went back to work. They began to study the capital alphabet. The students had to determine whether a letter was a Euler path or a Euler circuit. After the students learnned and understood what they had to do Jon taught them how to do the same thing using a spreadsheet. They used Microsoft excel. After a brief discussion the class was challenged by Jon with more logic problems. The students then had to present Jon with a map that cannot have one region bordering another colored the same color. No one could do it.