Forensic Science 2000
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Today class began with very brief introductions. After all the introductions were complete Wendy entered a discussion on what forensic science is. Monte then gave the students an opportunity to test their personal observation skills. To test their skills, students looked at a picture for 30 seconds. After 30 seconds the picture was taken away,the students then had to describe what they saw. Once the students completed that activity, four students were asked to leave the room. When the students left the room, the remaining students had to view a picture. Then the four students came back, and were supposed to figure out what the students looked at while they were out. The four students had to attempt to draw the picture that was described to them on the board .

Wendy spent time with the students testing their perceptions. Students went into a closet that had a blue light in it and were supposed to tell the color of the different shapes. The students also discussed the evolution of the the human senses. Just before break the students went to At the site the students were to look at two pictures; an original, and an altered picture. The goal was to recognize the differences between the two.

After break the students completed the egg lab. The egg lab is a lab in which the students have to find out if an egg is hard boiled or raw. After the egg lab the class breaked for lunch.

After lunch the class did a chromatography lab in which they put dots on coffee paper which was dipped in rubbing alcohol to make the ink bleed. The objective was to match the ink to that of another pen in order to solve a mystery. Once the students came back inside they all fingerprinted themselves and found out exactly what their fingerprints look like. After they figured out the names of each pattern, they were to figure out whose fingerprint was taken prior to the lab , blown-up, and shown. After the fingerprinting lab students worked on writing analysis. Everyone was to write their name and have someone else try and duplicate it. After everyone attempted to dupicate someone's name, Wendy showed students how to tell a forgery from the real thing by using many different techniques.