Biomedical Sciences 1999
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The following (emails) were written by members of the Medicine and Biosciences during the first day of the program. Some elements may have been removed for various reasons, but the text that remains is in the student's own words.

Comments: Today in the Medicine and Bioscience workshop I learned about ODES. That stands for Ordinary differential equations. I also learned how to make very detailed models using the STALLA. This program is more difficult than I expected, but I'm learning a lot and enjoy every minute of it. I can't wait for tomorrow. Bye now


Today, we worked mainly with STELLA. We practiced creating diagrams using a couple different case studies. We also learned information on Ebola through making a STELLA diagram. The diagram helped us understand the spad of Ebola. We recieved a overview of what we would be involved in during the program. Overall, we had fun!!


Today in the medicine and biosciences classes we learned a lot about medicine. We modeled conseptual diagrams with a Stella program. We also learned stupid rope tricks which we used observational skills. We learned about epidemiology which is the study of diseases. We created linear and exponential graphs.


Today in the medicine and biosciences classes we learned several new and interesting things. We were shown rope tricks that helped us understand modeling and using STELLA® (Systems Thinking with Experimental Learning with Animation). After this we learned about ODE's. Mr. Bob2, and the wonderful Ms. Bell shows us how to model these equations. We did two models, the flu and Ebola models. These models were wonderful to model. I enjoyed today and I hope that tomorrow will be just as great!


In our class today, we watched Bob2 do a rope trick. By observing the rope as it spun, we were reminded of the importance of observational science. We used Stella to model the way populations react to different enviornmental factors and epidemics.


Today we talked about many simulating programs. We used one of them named STELLA. Useing this program we made simulating situations of the ebola virus.


Even though I felt exhausted, I learned about systems OD's and "reviewed" how to use STELLA. A while has passed since I used STELLA and I found flows and converters confusing. However, I'm glad I joined this class because mathematics (not my forte) gives me major trouble and, at the School of Science and Math, the curicculum proves quite challenging. Instead of eating lunch, I took a nap for the soujourn of lunch. I'm somewhat worried about the imminent project which looms in the distance. Hopefully, some muse will inspire me.


Hey, we watched rope tricks to teach us that our observations are not what we think they are. It taught us to do experiments to test what we actually see. We built 2 STELLA models; flu and ebola. I really enjoy learning these interesting things. Thanks!