Biomedical Sciences 1999
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The fifth day began with more investigating in the case the students were working on the day before. Before the time of trial the students had to do several things, such as:prepare their evidence to be able to submit it properly, get together witnesses and even analyze some new evidence.

After lunch the court came into session. With the prosecution prosecuting Kirstin on the allegations that she had the illegal web site made, maintained the content of the site and framed Nigel to save herself. The prosecution began by calling several witnesses and specialists to the stand. The testimony consisted of several statements linking Kirstin to the crime, but Monte, a defence attorney, did an excellent job of making the evidence look unbelievable. In the end the Jury did give a verdict of non-guilty letting Kirstin off. It later surfaced that Kirstin did have everything to do with the site and was still successful in fooling the jury.