ise 1998
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To begin the class the students and Anne reviewed netiquette, preparing for the scientist chat. The students were looking forward to this interview with the scientists. To begin the chat, the scientists introduced themselves. All the scientists were eager to respond to the students questions. They gave helpful information like:

mike: Hi, I'm Mike Weissman. I'm a condensed-matter experimental physicist at the U of Illinois. I'm mainly working on understanding what types of order are hidden in apparently disordered materials such as glasses.

Stacey: To become a computer scientist you have to take a lot of math in junior high and high school. It also helps to take a computer programming class. Then I applied for a job at NASA and they hired me after I graduated from college.

"It was a fast-moving, interesting, and stimulating discussion" one scientist raved.

After the break, the students begain creating their own web pages. They got the basic tags down, created a simple page, and then viewed them in Netscape. After class pictures, the fifth and final day of ISE came to a close.