medbio 1997
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The first day of Modeling Our World, a TIP program sponsored by Duke University, was filled with many exciting events and challenges. TIP students met the staff and learned basic computer skills in addition to proper use of e-mail. E-mail was a major highlight of the day as students received their own disks for use with the e-mail program, Eudora®.

Students were also dazzled by Bob1 (Dr. Robert Panoff), the Shodor Education Foundation, Inc.'s Executive Director. Bob1 gave an excellent demonstration of observation by highlighting that perception is not necessarily reality. He did this by displaying several eggs and asking students what the contents were. Although the students attempted to determine this experimentally, they were surprised to find out that the contents were, indeed, very different then what they had presumed them to be. This was the begining of a fascinating week of discovery for the TIP students.