TIP 1997
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Today was the last day of the TIP students' intensive study of STELLA® models, working specifically on an Ozone model. Bob Gotwals (Bob2) was the teacher today, as he has been for the past few days. The students were asked to use their knowledge of the elements to complete the Ozone model.

After a leisurely lunch, the students returned for an intensive study period. The TIP students started by working on their intricate models of pollution. They then worked on such topics as the terrestrial carbon cycle and the AIDs virus. TIP students sorted through a vast array of information gained from the software they're using to answer an equally vast array of questions. "It's frustrating right now," Edward, a TIP student, expressed. Still, he and his partner worked together to get an end result. At the end, the information became more clear and students were finally able to find the solutions to their answers. A satisfying job well done.