Intro to iPhone Development
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Course description

Apple's app store has delivered its 100 billionth app download. That's over thirteen apps for every person alive today! These apps, over a million of them, range from the very useful, to the very fun, to the very useless.

Participants in this workshop will learn the basics of mobile app development in the context of Apple's iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch devices. We'll use Xcode, Apple's development environment, to create apps which we can run in the simulator as well as on actual devices. We have several iPads and iPods available, but feel free to bring your own as well, if you wish, so that you can bring home the apps that you write!

The three prongs of this workshop are:

  • What makes a good mobile app
  • How to write an app for Apple's devices
  • A little bit about computer programming

Structure of Activities:

We will begin by developing apps that are mostly GUI with very little custom code, and gradually move to apps with more programming. This workshop is designed for students with little or no programming experience, and programming concepts will be introduced as they are needed. Students will work on laptops in our Computer Lab to develop their apps.

Educational Objectives:

We want students to learn the basics of computer programming, how to develop applications in a graphical development environment, and good software design principles.

Facilities and equipment:

All activities take place at the Shodor offices at 701 William Vickers Ave, in Durham, North Carolina. Participants have access to laptop computers with internet access.


Students should be rising 9th - 12th graders interested in mobile app development. Although no programming experience is expected, some familiarity with using computers for other-than-gaming activities will be helpful.