Computing MATTERS
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Course Description:

This eight-week program is designed to help students develop skills and learn concepts in computational science and computational thinking, practice important scientific critical thinking and reasoning skills such as verification and validation, and become familiar with a variety of tools for building useful computational models. In addition, students will learn complementary skills and concepts in topics such as computer programming, engineering, supercomputing, computer graphics, and web development. Students will be encouraged to collaborate with their peers and will have opportunities to give presentations about their project work as well as develop a portfolio website showcasing what they learned and accomplished during the eight weeks.

What is Computational Science?

Computational science is the newest method of doing scientific research. Computational science, sometimes referred to as "modeling and simulation", is the combination of science, mathematics, and computing. It is used to study scientific events that are difficult to study using "traditional" research methods because the problems are too big or too small, too fast or too slow, too far away, too dangerous, or too expensive.

Course Schedule:

The program runs each Saturday from 9 am to 2:30 pm starting with the first class on October 20 and ending with the last class on December 15. There will be no class on November 24 in observance of the Thanksgiving holiday.

Structure of Activities:

Session size is limited to 20 participants in order to assure a high quality learning atmosphere. Participants work both in teams and individually in a supervised, hands-on learning environment. Each day, students learn about new scientific approaches and tools and then have the opportunity to try them out for themselves in our computer lab.

Who Is Eligible?

Computing MATTERS applicants must be 8th-12th graders interested in science and mathematics. Successful applicants will have had at least one course in science, and should be on grade level for mathematics.

Students should be available to attend all eight Saturdays of the program.

Facilities and Equipment:

All activities take place at the Shodor headquarters in Durham, North Carolina. Participants will use desktop computers and local servers equipped with computational software that the students will learn how to use throughout their classes.