Apprenticeship Program Series Web Design
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Course Description:

The SUCCEED Apprenticeship Program is an opportunity for students excited about science, technology, mathematics, and engineering (STEM) to gain the experience they will need to pursue a technology-intensive career path.

Most of us use websites every day without stopping to wonder how they were made! Maybe you've always wanted to make a website but didn't know how or where to start. Or maybe you've experimented with HTML code but want to learn more. The Web Skills workshop will take you through the complete process of designing and building a website. Participants will design websites by drawing their ideas on paper and then translating those ideas to computer graphics programs. Students will learn to write HTML and CSS code to create and build fully functioning websites from their designs. By the end of the class, participants will know the techniques and tools used to create and build websites and will be ready to make websites on their own.

Structure of activities:

Participants work both in teams and individually in a supervised, hands-on learning environment. Each day they will learn about new approaches and tools and then have the opportunity to try them out for themselves in our iBook computer lab.

Educational Objectives:

Many students have encountered bits and pieces of HTML and other web technologies. But the big picture -how to start with an idea and translate it to a working, modern website- is seldom taught or understood. This class will bring together and demonstrate all of the basic "web skills" a student needs to make their own websites.