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Day Three

On Day 3 the students will learn how to use Inkscape and then create their own logos using Inkscape to use however the instructor would like. All of the files that the instructor will need can be found in this ZIP file

Vector Vs. Bitmap teaches the difference between the 2 ways an image is displayed.

Basic Tools will go through the tools that students will need to become familiar with when using Inkscape.

Fill & Gradients will go through a demo on how to trace an image (in this case, the Nike logo) and then how to use gradients to manipulate the traced image's look.

Path And Union will go through how to cut objects out of other objects using the "Difference" tool in the "Path" menu in the toolbar.

Text To Object & Object Kerning will teach the students how to make text objects become a path that is manipulable with the "Node" tool.

More Kerning & Duplication will go through how to make duplicates of objects that have already been created, along with doing more object-to-path and Kerning.

Logo Design will show how companies take different factors into account when making a logo, then allow the students to make their own logo.

Export Bitmap will go through how to export a ".svg" file that was previously made in Inkscape to a bitmap image with the file extention of ".png" for use on the web