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Day Four

On Day 4 the students will learn how to use GIMP by editing sample images in guided activities. Then the students will then edit the banners they made on Day 3. The only file that the students will need is the GIMP Tools sheet.

Review on Bitmap Vs. Vector Based Images reviews the difference between the 2 ways an image is displayed.

Introduction to GIMP will introduce the basic GIMP tools using the fox's head image.

Blimp Activity #1 will focus on the skill of removing the object from out of your picture and pasting to a new layer so that you have a clear/different background.

Fireworks at Taj Mahal Activity #2 is very similar to the Blimp Activity but focuses on removing the background and pasting in another background.

Stylizing with Filters and Color Options will show students how to spice up pictures with different image filters and color options.

Create your own Web Banner/Header will be a part of the lesson plan where students export their images made on Day 3 and create a banner/header image with it.