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Create your own web banner/header

Export your logo as a bitmap (.png) from Inkscape - if you have not already from yesterday.

  • File > Export Bitmap
  • Click the "Drawing" tab
  • Type in a filename (ex: yourname_logo)
  • Click "Export"
  • Verify that your file saved as a ".png" , and that it has a transparent background.

Open all necessary files in GIMP.

  • Download the header file to your computer. Now open "header.xcf" in GIMP.
  • Open your logo that you exported as a bitmap (.png) in GIMP. Copy and paste it as a layer in the header.xcf file

Customize the image.

  • Replace the current "logo" layer (Heather's logo) with that file and rename it "my logo" (should be your logo image).
  • Edit and customize the type (font, size, color, etc) .
  • Replace the image layer (Heather's image) with your own

Remember to save frequently! Always save as a .xcf file.

When completely finished, save the file as "header.jpg" - so that it can be embedded into your personal webpage. (You should still have a copy saved as a .xcf file.)