Modeling Your Universe
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Course Description:

Modern scientists use large-scale models to prevent the spread of epidemics, design buildings capable of withstanding natural disasters, and slow the negative effects of climate change. This workshop will teach rising 9th through 12th graders how to solve some of the most complex and fascinating problems in science and math. Participants will engage in structured hands-on labs and activities as well as collaborate with other participants.

Structure of activities:

Participants will work both in teams and individually in a supervised, hands-on learning environment. Using interactive tools, they will explore large real-world problems and their solutions.

Educational Objectives:

Students often do not have the opportunity to learn how to build and experiment with models. If they do, they have probably only modeled problems on a small scale. While Modeling Your World is not a prerequisite of this workshop, this workshop will extend the curriculum and expose participants to large-scale models in math and science.

Facilities and equipment:

All activities take place at the Shodor offices at 807 East Main Street, Suite 7-100, in Durham, North Carolina. Participants have access to laptop computers with internet access as well as varying scales of cluster computing resources.


Participants should be rising 9th - 12th graders interested in math, science, and technology. Although no programming experience is expected, some familiarity with using computers for other-than-gaming activities will be helpful.