Math Connections
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Course Description:

This 15-hour workshop is designed for students who have completed Algebra I to explore mathematics as the foundation for understanding physical phenomena through pattern recognition. The relationship of mathematics to music, art and nature will be explored through the use of various computer models as well as understanding the problem of representing natural continuous behavior through discrete numeric methods. As part of the scientific process, students will be asked to complete a project to be presented to the class as well as a professional audience. Careful observations and precise communication will be emphasized throughout the class.

Structure of activities:

Participants work both in teams and individually in a supervised, hands-on learning environment. Each day they learn about new scientific approaches and tools and then have the opportunity to try them out for themselves in our computer lab.

Educational Objectives:

Students often do not have the opportunity to experience the tools and techniques that drive cutting-edge scientific research. In fact, most school science curriculums hardly mention the revolutionary new approaches modern science uses daily to research such areas as galaxy formation, volcanic eruptions, cardiovascular activity, the spread of disease, and a host of other interests. Internet Science Explorations is designed to expose students to the high technology environment in which most scientists now work and the specialized critical thinking and communication skills they must have to be successful there.


Participants should have completed a formal course of study of mathematics including Algebra I. There are no age or grade restrictions on this class, although students need to be able to work in teams on larger projects than may be undertaken in other Shodor workshops. Students who are unsure about their qualifications for this course should contact the course instructor with questions or concerns. While some experience with computers is helpful, it is not required.