Forensic Science
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Course Description:

This workshop emphasizes the methods of observing, gathering and analyzing physical evidence to solve mysteries. Forensic science is a significant part of solving crimes and maintaining justice. While there are hundreds of methods currently used in forensic laboratories, advances in science and technology will change the ways we are able to interpret physical evidence. This course will focus on the use of computers and computational science as sources of useful information in forensic analysis. Structured hands-on activities and small group projects make this workshop more than just another classroom experience.

Intended Audience:

This workshop is designed for middle school age students, preferably those who have completed one semester of science at the middle school level. Younger students who have not taken a basic science course are eligible to apply, but should consult with the course instructor prior to registering.

Facilities and equipment:

All activities take place at the Shodor offices at 701 William Vickers Ave, in Durham, North Carolina. Participants have access to laptop computers with internet access.


This workshop is designed for students with a clear interest in science. Students are expected to have some experience in using a computer, and should be particularly motivated to engage in scientific studies. The program is designed for public, private, and home school students who are at least rising 6th graders or academic equivalent.