Computational Science



How do I learn Computational Science?


Computational science uses math to model scientific processes. Therefore you should study as much math and science as you can. Learn about good experimental design from your science teacher. Many of the principles of experimental science apply to computational science.


Lessons using computational science are available at Work through these lessons. Scientists view answers as opportunities to ask more questions. As you work through the lessons think of new questions and how to use or modify the models to answer them.


Colleges are starting to offer courses and undergraduate degrees in computational science. As you look for a college to attend ask about the opportunities available to study and work with computational scientists.


Learn to develop your own computer models using Excel, Stella, Java, C+ + etc. A background in technology helps. Technology is changing very rapidly. Many of the models that require supercomputers today will be able to run on personal computers by the time you graduate from college.

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