Shodor Scholars Program, Session A, 2007

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Day 14
Today the students spent the morning working on their presentations. I have listed Ebonee and Jenna as their teachers because they gave the most help, but many other staff members and interns came into the classroom to help a group with any problems they were having. Each group of students got a chance to practice their speech in front of Jenna before the presentations started. Jenna had to tell every group that got up to be louder and most of the groups had trouble facing the audience.
The hour of truth came for each group after lunch. The groups talked about very different concepts, but they all used models to illustrate their points. I only took a few pictures during the real presentations because I didn't want to be disruptive, but I took a lot of pictures of the practice presentations. Some of the students didn't speak loud enough during their presentations, but parents are more forgiving than Shodor apprentices and interns, so all the presentations could be safely called a success.

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