Modeling Your World

This 15-hour intensive session will introduce students to the role of computational and communications technology in modern science. Participants will use several modeling tools (with an emphasis on the modeling software program STELLA©) to investigate authentic scientific problems. Following an introduction to computational science, students will learn how to create computational solutions to problems such as population dynamics, predator-prey relationships, and the spread of diseases. Following this introduction, participants will collaborate with other students to create and use a computational solution to one or more problems from a large collection of case studies. Independent work will be done with the support and guidance of Shodor Foundation scientists and interns. Scientific expertise among Foundation staff includes physics, chemistry, biology, anthropology, paleontology, engineering, mathematics, the environmental sciences, and biomedical studies.

The workshop will involve formal lectures, structured hands-on labs and activities, visits by practicing computational scientists, and the opportunity to work collaboratively with other students on a small research project. Careful observations and reporting of those observations will be emphasized at all times.