Math Explorations

Why do so many people like math? It's true! Many people actually enjoy the beauty of mathematics (besides using it every day in their work and life). Maybe it is because they see some "inner secrets," or perhaps they understand that math is so much more than just rearranging symbols on a piece of paper. This summer, we want to open your eyes to the "secret knowledge" of higher math. We plan problem solving, discussions, brainstorms, and independent and group investigations. We have picked a variety of the most intriguing and fun topics that mathematics can offer. The math that you already know is enough to start understanding these topics. As participants of Math Explorations, you can expect to enjoy new experiences, to become familiar with concepts of higher mathematics, and to see the connections between these concepts and their relations to other areas of life and science and the world around us. Each section will be limited to 14 participants to assure a high quality learning atmosphere. Participants will work both in teams and individually in a supervised, highly interactive, hands-on learning environment.