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Veterinary Science

Designed to be a resouce for aspiring and/or fledgling veterinarians, this site helps to find jobs, information, help, and support with an online community of users.
NetVet Veterinary Resources
A comprehensive web site with mediocre graphics but a wealth of information. This site gives you all the information you would ever need to know about veterinary science as a whole, and about becoming a vet. Veterinary Sciences
Taken from's seemingly endless library of science-related sites, this site on veterinary science has many helpful, if redundant at times, links and features. Overall, good information, but not extremely well-organized.
Martindale's Health Science Guide: Veterinary Center
This extremely comprehensive directory of veterinary science has hundreds of links to many kinds of sites about veterinary sciences.
Veterinary Information Network - VIN
This is a large online community for veterinarians. Includes vet finder, forums, membership information, consultants, and contact information. Must be a VIN member to access all of the site.
BUBLink Veterinary Sciences
A list of links regarding veterinary science from a large Internet directory called BUBLink.

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