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Environmental/Earth Science's Ecology Site
This is a really cool site with lots of explorations into the seasons, the biomes, and the food chain, among other things. Definitely worth a look!'s Earth Science Site
Another site with fascinating explorations into Earth's processes including volcanos, the rock cycle, crystal formation and air pollution.
Volcano world
This University of N. Dakota site features movies, maps, sounds, and information on volcanoes around the world. It has won numerous awards for being an excellent science site, because it has a bounty of information and interactive things to do.
Ask A Geologist
If kids had any questions about geology, this would definetely be the place to ask them. This site gives kids the opportunity to ask any kind of geological question at all, and get a response from a professional geologist.
This web site not only has information about the formation and eruptions of volcanoes, but it also has information pertaining to specific volcanoes. The web site also shares with us the Greek mythical explanation concerning volcanoes, as well as the modern scientific explanation.
USGS Educational Sites
Learn facts about Biology and Geology. This site covers information on Biology and Geology. Students can explore a volcano. They can learn interesting facts about that volcano, even find where the nearest one is located. Students can learn facts about birds from small to large. They can print out pictures and posters to hang anywhere. Choose from hundreds of birds from across the globe.
The Rainforest-An Internet Hotlist on the The Rainforest
This is a web site that connects you to very informative and picturesque web sites pertaining to the subject of rainforests. Check it out!
Smog City
This highly interactive web site allows visitors to investigate air quality modeling. Site visitors can manipulate several variables that influence the quality of the air that we breathe.

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