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Becoming Human
Complete with streaming video, this site allows students to explore issues in human evolution. Educators can find lesson plans and information on the site.
Archaeology at Colonial Williamsburg
This site allows students to examine several aspects of archaeology at Colonial Williamsburg. Students can examine artifacts, stratigraphy, and even do trash can archaeology.
Duke University's Division of Fossil Primates
Learn about paleoanthropology at Duke University. Paleoanthropology is the study of human fossils and those of their primate relatives.
Paleontology and Fossil Resources
This site, a paleontology links page, has hundreds of links to different subjects about paleontology all around the world.
What is Paleontology?
This short, concise site tells all about the different branches of paleontology, what they mean, and what people who work in that field do. It also includes a FAQ page.
Archaeology on the Net
This site is another links page organized into 35 different searchable subject headings.
California @ Berkeley Museum of Paleontology
This site has a broad base of information from the Berkeley collections, as well as a links section.

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