This summer program will allow around 45 middle school students to serve as Docents to learn more about the Museum’s science exhibits and teach younger students about science concepts. Students will spend 60 hours during their summer vacation working with local science teachers and utilizing other resources to learn the basic premises of the Museum’s science exhibits. Together with several “helpers,” these students will develop their own kits to teach younger visitors about the Museum. They will have an opportunity to visit other museums and see exhibits to adopt ideas for their kits and give input regarding Museum exhibits on display. Through this program, students will see the many ways in which people use science in their careers, experience varied learning methods, learn how to work within a budget, become fluent and confident in their science abilities and knowledge.


Project: Wilmington’s Children’s Museum Middle School Docent Program

Contact: Mebane Boyd

Title: Executive Director

Address: Wilmington’s
Children’s Museum
1020 Market Street
Wilmington, NC 28401

Phone: (910) 254-3534

Fax: (910) 254-3565


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