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Teacher Evaluation Form

**NOTE: This application form is for North Carolina residents only.**

To the evaluator: The proper selection of students to this Research Internship Program is of significance not only to the Selection Committee, but to the American Chemical Society and the Burroughs-Wellcome Fund. In order to be fair to all applicants we need as much information as possible. It is our experience that the evaluation which is most helpful to the Selection Committee is one which includes statements concerning the student's possible deficiencies as well as strengths. This form is due by February 15, 2004.

You may submit this form electronically. You must include your email address and telephone number so that we can confirm your submission of this evaluation. If you have questions or concerns send e-mail to:

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Please rank this student in the appropriate sector with the characteristics below. Use the following ranking system:
  • 1 = Below Average
  • 2 = Average
  • 3 = Above Average
  • 4 = Excellent
  • 5 = Outstanding
    Applicant's Name:

    Intellectual Ability
    Academic Strength
    Communication Skills
    Quality of
    Written Expression

    Applies Knowledge
    Energy and Initiative
    Ability to Work

    Social Maturity
    Work Habits

    Achievement in Relation
    to Potential

    In which courses have you taught the student?

    How well do you know the applicant?

    What is the student's standing in the course?
    Outstanding (top 5%)
    Very good (next highest 10%)
    Average (at or above the mean)
    Below average (below the mean)
    Not Applicable

    I_______this student:
    Strongly Recommend
    Do not Recommend


    Name of Evaluator
    Phone Number
    Email address (necessary for confirmation)
    Additional comments or questions:

    Kenneth Cutler, SEED Project Director may be contacted at:

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