"Wild Rides" is a year-round innovative science initiative designed to provide experiential learning to 173 eighth grade students who will develop an understanding of Newton's Laws of Motion as they "own" a roller coaster design company. Students will learn the physical dynamics of roller coasters by working on budgets, design, marketing, and building an 8-foot roller coaster. They will participate in distance learning via the Cherokee County Cyber Campus, as well as participate in the Disney's World of Physics Properties of Motion Module. Disney's program is designed to immerse students in physics concepts and technology employed by Disney employees to create popular theme park attractions. Wild Rides will be launched as a two-week summer enrichment program that will be supported and enhanced throughout the school year.


Area Served:
Western NC

Program dates: 2 week summer program (some school year enhancement)

Open to: middle school students

Virginia Williams
PH: 828/644-5111
Fax: 828/644-9828
101 Hardy Truett Road
Murphy, NC 28906-4224

Cherokee County Cyber Campus
Disney's World of Physics Properties of Motion Module


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