Performing Inquiry-based Exploration

This year-round program allows 60 high school students to bring agricultural waste and wastepaper to North Carolina State University and convert them into usable products. In a four-day summer course, students are taught methods of producing fibers using theories in chemistry and chemical engineering. They use laboratory techniques to develop fiber-based products. Students analyze their process and product, make presentations of the findings, and publish their results on the Internet. The following fall, students are expected to share their experiences with middle school students. The goals of this project are to develop student excitement about inquiry based exploration, to demonstrate that science careers can be rewarding, and to instill an appreciation that there are important opportunities to develop new products from natural, renewable resources.

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Format: Classroom and laboratory experiences

Area Served: North Carolina

Program dates: July 13 - 17, 2003

Open to: Rising junior and senior science students

Requirements: Rising high school juniors and seniors, based on academic credentials and essay

Lesley Grieco
North Carolina State University
Department of Wood and Paper Science
Campus Box 8005
Raleigh, NC 27695-8005
Phone: 919-515-7709

NC State Department of Wood and Paper Science
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