This program is designed to encourage high school students who have the potential to consider careers in cardiovascular research. Twenty high school Juniors and Seniors will work at one of five institutions (Duke, UNC, ECU, Bowman Gray, and Carolinas Medical Center). Each student will be involved in research projects over the two month summer program, and will devolep the skills needed to start a career in cardiovascular research. Skills such as the collection and analysis of data will be taught and used during the program.


Area served: within communting distance of Duke, UNC, ECU, Bowman Gray, or Carolinas Medical Center

Program dates: 8 weeks in summer

Open to: 11th and 12th grade

Number of students: 20

Requirements: B average or better in math and science subjects

Contact: Alice Toth
PO Box 2636
Chapel Hill, NC 27515-2636
(919) 968-4453

Links:American Heart Association


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