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From the Tricities (TN) airport to Boone

  1. Follow the signs to Interstate 81. - 2 miles

    Take the I-81 NORTH towards Virginia - 2 exits (5 miles)

  2. Take the exit for Route 37 towards BLOUNTVILLE

    Stay on 37 until Route 11/19E. - 5 miles

  3. Take 11/19E SOUTH towards JOHNSON CITY/ELIZABETHTON - 5 miles

    Stay on 19E when the roads split (19E will turn to the left).

  4. Take 19E through Elizabethton, Hampton and up the mountain to Roan Mountain. Continue on 19E to the NC border into Elk Park. - 35 miles.

    Go straight on Route 194 (South) when 19E turns to the left. Stay on 194 into downtown Newland. - 5 miles.

  5. In Newland, turn left on Route 181. Follow 181 to LINVILLE. - 5 miles.

    Turn left onto Route 105 NORTH, following 105 all the way to Boone. - 20 miles.

  6. 105 will bring you into downtown Boone; watch for the intersection with Route 321. Turn left on 321 and watch for the ASU entrance about a mile further on your left.

Estimated Total Distance: 90 miles

Estimated Time: 2 hours

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