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The workshop was led by Holly Hirst, Bob Panoff, Steve Stevenson and Dan Warner. The group worked hard all week on various topics related to computational science and numerical modeling.

Sunday - Opening Reception
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8:30-11:30 Introductions

Participant Updates
Participant Updates

Overview of NCSI

Dealing with Data
Minisession: Modeling in Excel

Minisession: HTML

Minisession: Simulink
Minisession: Interactive Physics

Minisession: Collaboration in Math, Bio and CS at Clemson
1:30-4:30 Participant Updates Minisession: Maple and Dynamical Systems

Minisession: Advanced Stella Features

Minisession: Stiff Differential Equations

Minisession: Fly a Cell
Minisession: Java

Minisession: Computational Science Reference Desk
Minisession: Modeling with Matlab

Minisession: k-12 Education Standards

Minisession: Interactivate
Participant Presentations
7:00-9:00 Lab -- Stella 7 Lab -- Data Icecream at Kilwin's in Blowing Rock Lab -- Birds of a Feather Dinner at Casa Rustica
Saturday - NCSI Next Steps

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