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The Shodor Computational Science Institute (SCSI) serves as the organizing element for Shodor's curriculum development and faculty enhancement projects. Our goal is the development, collection, and maintenance of learning resources in computational science education and interdisciplinary studies. A modular design of workshops, seminars, and support activities introduce and enable the authentic use of modeling across the undergraduate mathematics, science, and computer science curriculum.

A special focus of the SCSI Project is the formation and support of teams of faculty at small-to-medium sized schools to work together to enhance their professional standing through the use of technology and the wider use of mathematical modeling and the tools of computational science in their classrooms. This focus on modeling will enable faculty to learn how to do computational science and how to teach computational science in engaging and enriching interactive environments incorporating the same tools, techniques and technologies that characterize the modern practice of science and engineering. Continuous support and follow-up, materials development, access to high performance computing and visualization resources, and evaluation will be coordinated and enabled by using collaborative tools and electronic networks.

We have had significant success in reaching many faculty and institutions, primarily in the southeast, but with additional schools across the country. You can view a map of our participating institutions from the first three years of SCSI. Please see the Summer 2001 Workshop overview for a glimpse of the SCSI Advanced Workshop.

While the current grant has expired, we have submitted a new, national dissemination grant in an effort to expand SCSI into NCSI, the National Computational Science Institute. NCSI will involve three components:

  • Pull: We will pull math and science faculty together to workshops on modeling and computation as a way to do science and hence science instruction.
  • Push: We will push computational science on the agendas of regional and national meetings of scientists and mathematicians.
  • Permeate: We will permeate the internet with high quality materials on computational science, mathematics and numerical modeling.

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