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What to do when you are assigned a review

Once you have been assigned a review, follow these steps to complete your review:

  1. How to write VV&A Reviews
    If you do not have any experience in our VV&A reviews, you can get the information from the help links that are on the Add Review page (see number 3 below).  Before your first review, we recommend that you read through the full help descriptions for each type of review paying particular attention to the "Questions to Ask" and "Example" review sections.
  2. CSERD home page
    On the CSERD home page, you can start your review by logging into your CSERD account.  On your user homepage you should see a list of My Reviews in Progress with a direct link to the item(s) you were asked to review.  They are grouped according to the current review status such as "in progress", "pending", or "published".  You can get more information about CSERD, CSERD Catalog and CSERD Resources from related links.
  3. When you click on the item in My Pending Reviews, it will take you to the page with information about the item.  The Summary, tab should have a link to the resource you are reviewing.  There should be a web address where you can find documentation, the resource in the form of a web page, executable file and data, and possible activities or exercises.  Download relevant items, install any necessary executables, and use the data and exercises to become familiar with the item and its characteristics.  As you review the item, consult with the help guide and try to answer the Questions to Ask with respect to the type of review you are conducting.  This will be the basis for your review.  You can assemble your ideas into separate text files or into an uploadable PDF or Microsoft Word Document to upload later.
  4. Once you are ready to input your review, login and go back to the CSERD catalog item.  Click on Add Reviews to start the process of entering your review.  You should see a blank review.  You can then enter your review choosing the appropriate tools and operating systems you used to try out the item and entering information into the text boxes to answer each major question.  At any time, you can click on help to remind yourself of what you are to address by reviewing the examples or the questions you are to address.  You may type directly into the text box or copy and paste text into the appropriate box as you wish.  Be sure to click Save as you go to save your work. To resume editing a saved review, click the button Edit to open the saved review and add to it.
  5. Once the review is completed, you click the button Submit to Editor to send your review to the editor.  If the editor has questions about your review, he/she will let you know.
  6. Should you have substantive questions about the review, please contact the editor.  The editor's email address is included in the e-mail that was used to solicit your review. 

What to do if you have problems with a review

If you have problems while you are completing a review you can:

  1. Send an e-mail to the editor who requested the review.  The editor can help with problems associated with the review contents, overall requirements for the different types of reviews, or problems relating to finding the materials associated with the review.  The e-mail address of the editor should be on the e-mail you received requesting the review.
  2. Use the web pages to report a bug related to the review tools.  You can find this feedback page here.
  3. Please be as specific as possible about where you were in the review process when the problem occurred.  Was it finding the original item to review, saving the draft review, submitting the final review?  Which item were you reviewing?  What seemed to go wrong?  The more information you can provide, the quicker we will be able to replicate and resolve the error.

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