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The Code Libraries section houses library routines and special functions that can be downloaded, along with any pertinent license agreements and documentation.

C++  (...)
The Diffeq class is designed to solve for the solution of a system of first order differential equations x'(x,t) = f(x,t). Versions are provided in C++ and Java. Algorithms used include Euler's method, improved Euler's method, and the 4th order Runge Kutta method.

Complex is a class used for mathematics of complex numbers. It includes addition, multiplication, conjugation, and exponentiation.

AssocLegendre is used to evaluate the associated legendre function P(x), using recursion relations from Appendix B, Volume 1, Messiah's Quantum Mechanics.

SphericalHarmonic returns the value of P(theta,phi) where theta and phi are defined in terms of a standard spherical coordinate system (phi measures angle (x,y,z) makes with z axis.) The algorithm is taken from Messiah's Quantum Mechanics, but readers should note that Messiah defines theta and phi in opposite order from this implementation.

Java  (...)
MathLib is a library of assorted mathematical routines commonly used in the creation of CSERD models.

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