Questions to Ask During Verification

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Direct questions regarding verification:

  • Does the model include enough information to directly ask questions about the consistency, justification, lawfulness, and reason of the model?
  • Are the assumptions reasonable?
  • Is the model based on known physical laws?
  • Are the derivations used in the model correct?
  • Are there any impossible statements in the declaration of the model?

Symptomatic questions regarding verification:

  • Does the model run on a given operating system or with a specific version of the modeling package?
  • Given an example dataset or exercise, does the model accept all of the inputs and give outputs without errors?
  • Does the model result appear to be consistent with the documented equations - does it appear to give a credible answer?
  • Is there sufficient information in the documentation for you as a user to understand the basic operations of the model, the required inputs, and what the outputs represent?
  • Are there anomalous results - things you would not expect from this model? For example, the documentation may indicate that you should get results that simulate a particular pattern over model time increments. Do you get that pattern or are there significant outliers? Do these appear to be consistent with the documentation?
  • Do the results of the model show features that appear obviously incorrect, such as discontinuous or non-differentiable results where well behaved results were expected?
  • If you use a browser to run the model, does it run correctly in the browser version you are using? Does it require specific browser add-ins or options to be in place in order to work?

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